2016 is almost over… it went so fast, so many things happened!

In January, Rage Of Light released the video clip of Lollipop, a metal cover of a song originally written by Aqua. To tell you the truth, I was a bit anxious to read the reactions but my anxiety quickly disappeared. Today, the video has been seen more that 40k times and we received many good comments from all around the world!

In February, Chasing A Reflection (Rage Of Light) was released and a month later, the lyric video Deception as well. My colleagues and myself were thrilled (and still are) to see that our music is appreciated. Thank you for your support!

June’s coasts have been invaded by vikings! Evenmore shot its first music video that month with a bunch of dangerous vikings. The video clip has been shot by my friend Jonathan Pellet who is also the talented main composer of Rage of Light. Yes Sir.

July 2016 marks a big step for me. I went to Madrid, Spain and recorded a live acoustic version of one of my own songs with my friend Marta Sacri. A few days later, I opened my own Facebook page and posted this song, announcing my that it was part of my solo project, currently in the making.

The release of Evenmore’s debut album was approaching and September has been a big month for the band! First, the lyric video of Breaking The Silence has been posted on YouTube and a few days later, the video clip of our song The Ride Begins followed.

October, Evenmore’s baby was born. Finally! After more than a year of hard work. We celebrated its arrival in Moudon, surrounded by many friends and fans. The album has been very well received by the metal fans, which made us even prouder! In the middle of the month, I got the chance to fly to Greece in order to record a few songs with wonderful people (you will know more about that next year). I quickly realised that the main purpose of the trip was making me taste every single Greek plate and sweet and see if I was still able to move. On October 31st – Happy Halloween! -, Rage of Light released another music video called Sick.

In November, I got the chance to sing for Dragonland – wonderful evening with beautiful people, thanks a million! – and Evenmore played its last gig for 2016.

December is now here and I am already preparing 2017, starting with my very first (acoustic) gig with my solo material, accompanied by my friend the great cellist Joelle Graz, in support for Anna Murphy. Many other great things will soon be announced. I can’t wait!

Thank you for your amazing support. I wish you again all the best for 2017 and I hope to see you on the road! Love, Mel


Photo by Stéphane Harnisch Music Photography –