For a long time, I had the desire of creating an album that sounds 100% me. After many months of research and composition, I am proudly presenting Ad Infinitum!

“The sense of time … What a particular and desperately predictable science. To be honest, I am not even sure we can rely on it. Now you might think I am a fool, questioning thousands of years of history. The truth is, I wonder myself if this was all just a dream. But as strange as it might appear, this dream or parallel reality that I once visited felt surprisingly real. I like to call this adventure “the voyage”. An unpredictable succession of events that led me to the most unrealistic journey, although some people I met along the way assured me this was meant to be. A “prophecy”, they said.“

Could that be a time warp?

Silver grey dresses and blood red ribbons flying over the floor of a gold decorated ballroom. Lovers’ serenades secretly performed in the gardens of his majesty… And while the high society is feasting, dancing, singing and flirting, the misunderstood souls living in the shadow of woods execute their occult ceremony.

If your mind can see what your eyes don’t show you, if your heart can hear what your ears never dare to whisper, without a doubt, this album will project you into another era.

From there, will you be able to come back?

Picture: Vladimir Cochet