What a beautiful evening!

February 10, 2017 was a special day for me. You might know that I am currently writing a solo project. The material is still far from being released and I wasn’t expecting to present some of it so early, especially live! But sometimes, opportunities knock at the door and you think… « Why not? »

On the road again! Earlier this year, my friend Joëlle and I hit the road for a 4 hours drive (including a burger break) in the direction of Jonnys Lion Cave, Trübbach (CH). Our friend Valentin kindly offered to be our personal roadie, which was, I must admit, very helpful – thank you again! Arrived at the hotel, I did my best to speak my most beautiful German (with pride). We, French speaking people of Switzerland, learnt German for around 8 years at school but like most of us, « mein Deutsch is nicht so gut ».

Warm and unforgettable welcome from Jonny who made this evening wonderful.

After a quick soundcheck, a make up touch up and a little warm up, Joëlle and I got on stage. The bar was full and the atmosphere was lovely! It was a great pleasure to play there that night, I will never forget it. Especially because this show meant so much to me: presenting my solo material for the very first time. Our show was followed by Miracle Flair and Anna Murphy‘s shows. Both were amazing! Thanks to Jonny, the party went on very late that night, it was great fun!

The congratulations and the comments of the people who came to talk to us after the show were very encouraging and made us think about doing this again in the future… we will see what comes next!

For the moment, the next goal is finishing the pre-prods, which is almost done!

Stay tuned!

Love, Mel